How to Save Money On Makeup and Beauty Products

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There are so many different makeup and beauty products out there. Depending on what you need, buying makeup can get expensive. It may not seem like there are obvious ways to save money on makeup and beauty products.

However, doing this can be easier than you’d think. You don’t have to pay full price for your makeup, brushes, or skincare items. Instead, check out these easy tips that will help you cut costs in this area. As a result, you’ll free up room in your budget for other expenses and needs.

Sign Up For Rewards

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If you haven’t already, sign up for emails and rewards to save money on makeup and beauty products. Companies are always offering discounts and sales, especially to reward members. See if you can join a loyalty program where you can earn points for purchases you make. Eventually, you may be able to use those points or rewards to redeem free or discounted products.

Another benefit of joining a rewards or loyalty program is that they often provide freebies around your birthday. It’s usually free to join and you don’t have to sign up for a credit card or anything similar.

Even if you’re already part of a rewards or loyalty program, make sure you’re on the email list as well. It can seem tedious to join a bunch of email lists, but this could be a great reminder of when to shop and stretch your money.

Some people even set up a separate email account for promotions and check it once a week. That way, sales and marketing emails won’t be flooding your personal email account.

Get Free Samples

Some stores offer free samples to customers each week. These samples can range from food items to over-the-counter medicine and even makeup and beauty samples.

Beauty companies may even send their own free samples out to customers or as part of a research study. Check their websites to see if you can sign up to receive samples. In some cases, I’ve even been sent a free sample of a product with my order for another product.

One makeup company called Makiage actually sends you a full-size bottle of foundation to try free for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you can send the bottle back and not get charged (even if it’s empty).

Use Coupons

Coupons are another easy way to save money on makeup and beauty products. If you join an email list, you may already receive coupons or you might get them in the mail.

Also, don’t count out online coupon databases like CouponChief that allow you to search for store coupons and discount codes online. This allows you to find the savings you need fast without disrupting your schedule or shopping experience.

Maximize Sale Seasons

Many stores have an annual or semi-annual sale. This gives you the opportunity to make purchases at an extreme discount and stock up. Check the expiration date for some of your favorite makeup and beauty products.

Then, budget to make some key purchases during the sale. Also, keep an eye out for when some of the products you like go on clearance so you can save year-round.

Try a New Brand

Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to try a new brand if you want to save money on makeup and beauty products. Some brands are more inexpensive than others and this doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is lower.

For example, store brand products seem to get the job done in many cases. Try makeup, lotions, and skincare products from your local drug store or a generic brand and see how well they work.

Makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta sell their own product line and can even help you test out items in the store. You can also tell the store worker about your budget needs and they can help you discover affordable products that you’ll like.

Go Minimalist

The more items you buy on a regular basis, the more money you’ll spend. Consider adopting a more minimalist makeup and beauty routine to cut your costs.

Research natural looks or products that can serve multiple purposes such as eyeshadows that already have primer in them. Or a facewash that doubles as an exfoliant and could help consolidate your skincare routine. If you only need to use 3 to 4 products on a regular basis, you could cut your costs down from

Watch a Tutorial Video

Yes, watching tutorials and YouTube videos can help you save money on makeup and beauty products. Tutorial videos are often used as a marketing tool to help you buy a product. However, you can use them for education to learn about which items you want to buy. Plus, the videos might help you discover cheaper products that you didn’t know about.

Search for videos like ‘$20 makeup routine’ or ‘budget-friendly skincare’ to learn about techniques and products that can help you save.


To put it simply, you don’t have to sacrifice your makeup or beauty products to save money. There are plenty of hacks and strategies to help you cut costs and maintain your budget.

Start utilizing coupons, sales, and other promotions or freebies to make things work for you. Or, you can even research affordable makeup brands that meet your needs.

What are your favorite ways to save money on makeup and beauty products?

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